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1-On-1 Coaching And Consulting​

9 weeks (online or in-person) coaching and consulting sessions. One per week for 90 mins. We evaluate your skills, interests, and values. At the end, you get a Career Master Plan​

  • 6 weeks with one, 90-minute session of coaching One to One
  • +3 weeks with one, 90-minute sessions of consulting One to One
  • We evaluate your skills, interests, and values 
  • You develop your Career Master Plan and we help you implement it in practice via you A.C.T-ing

Seven Month Group Career Development​

Seven months of serious group training and education, held every Saturday. Full certification program. Five months of post-program coaching. Expand your network with professional, successful, likeminded peers.​

  • Seven months, each month: 1 “Successful Saturday- Seminar”; with walking, teaching, coaching, and… bonding over sports and art. Group session, peer encouragement, individual planning of business/career
  • Continuous online coaching to ensure fruitful practical implementation of Plan till the upcoming “Successful Saturday ” of next month based on the materials from the lectures & seminar
  • Frequent open-air group activities led by the “EMI-CC Gold Certificates “
  • End of month seven: certification activity
  • For the five upcoming months, continuous monthly consultation to ensure fruitful execution of the ACTs operation plan

Six Month HR Mastery​

Held three Saturday's each month for six months. We cover (1) Recruitment, (2) Performance Evaluation, (3) Employee motivation, (4) Compensation (5) HR Strategy (6) Work Force Reduction.​

  • Six months, in each month: 3 Saturdays seminars; each of the Saturdays: 3 hours group session, 1-hour individual coaching session
  • Each month on one dedicated subject: (1) Recruitment, (2) Performance Evaluation, (3) Employee motivation, (4) Compensation, (5) HR Strategy, (6) Work Force Reduction
  • Each beginning of month posted material for the upcoming subject
  • Continuous online coaching supporting the life practice of the materials from the lectures & seminars
  • Every two months an open-air group activity led by the “EMI-CC Gold Certificates “
  • End of month six: graduation activity
  • Free, three months of mentoring online after the graduation day on  A.C.T-ing of Personal Development Plan
  • Free, one yearly activity for individual certification
  • Free continuous, for three years long, participation in online webinars related to subject

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