Ep #47 Si të ecim në karrierë? VEPRO-ACT!

Because the VEPRO-ACTs7x7 program is different from any other training! When you follow this short episode, you will find out what this program does not provide, and what does deal with, stating that the answer to what to do to move forward in your career: start where YOU are NOW and ACT-ACT towards the future you aspire in the labor market and in your life. Two more testimonials from two other successful participants in a VEPRO-ACT group, Eliana and Albi responded to some of the questions that are very much made by you, my friends, so I think maybe they

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Ep #46 Tri këshillat më të Mira për Kredinë e Shtëpisë?- pj 4

With Ms. Xhonsila we discuss the revenue administration and the three best pieces of advice on the way of choosing a bank for the mortgage loan. Some advice from her, as a finance professional. … and more about herself and how she has succeeded in this field 🙂 You find in Xhonsila Hoxha in LinkedIn More on us at Me Znj. Xhonsila ne diskutojmë për mirë-administrimin e të ardhurave dhe ndajmë me ju tri këshillat më të mira për mënyrën e zgjedhjes së një banke për kredinë hipotekare. Disa këshilla prej saj, si një profesioniste e financave. … dhe

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Ep #45 I Varfer kur Pasuria Jote Eshte Vetem Rroga?- pj 3

What do we learn in the schooling system for money management? Nothing Nothing Nothing and none tell you what your earthly wealth consists of. That our strongest commodity is not just the salary or their material possessions, but the greatest asset remains our time and energy, the talents and the abilities, that when used well, bring the other financial earnings And we may know a lot about drafting plans, budgeting, but the vital skills to administer what we have, that in the majority come as life lessons, as lessons that if the family has failed to pass to the youngsters,

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Ep #44 Kur Rroga nuk Del – Familja Problem? pj 2

This new generation, has the inability or unpreparedness to be able to buy a home or even rent a house and live on their own? After the anonymous questionnaire “Better to rent or take a mortgage”? this time we look at the factors within us that affect them: (a) Parenting. (b) The Money Culture Living in a culture where parenting often means: “give all you have to make the life of your youngsters better, without asking anything back”, we make room for mistakes that translate into the constant inability of our youth to deal on their own. Some changes have

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Ep #43 Kur rroga nuk del – pjesa 1

Nje pyetesor qe kemi shperndare mbi temen ” Me mire te kesh shtepi me qera apo me kredi”? Mbi 100 pergjigje. Shume interesante. Qellimi pse e beme kete pyetesor eshte sepse shume shpesh ne tregun e punes, ndodh shpesh qe dikush, nje i ri, rreth 20-37-8 vjetesh, edhe pasi i eshte ofruar nje vend pune, e rrezon oferten sepse “nuk i del te paguaje as qerane”. Dhe kur perfshihesh ne bisede me dike qe sapo ka thene kete pergjigje, ti kupton qe ka nje mungese te madhe dijesh jetesore sesi te perballesh me financat e (munguara ose jo) te tuat.

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Ep #42 Why Join Our “ACT on Your Career Program”?

This episode brings a quick and thorough view behind the scenes of our advanced training program, VEPRO-ACT on your career. A short overview of one of the Successful Saturdays and four interviews with Elida Motro-Iljazi, the coach and three participants, Stela Sallaku, Eraldi Bregova, and Xhonsila Hoxha. For more: Subscribe to ” EMI – Coaching and Consulting” on YouTube Channel for the latest how to best perform in the work market and develop your career Other podcasts here For more content from the click: Like EMI – Coaching and Consulting on Facebook: Follow on Instagram HERE:

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Ep #41 Video from VEPRO-ACTs7*7: Behind the Scenes

ACTs7*7 is one of our programs aiming at providing the participants for one year with the right mechanisms, instruments and networking to jump their growth x7 into new heights. Seven, self-developing blocks of information and practice, make their customized long term growth strategy marry well with the monthly operational plan. See behind the scenes with this group that happily report success after the first months of joining the ACTs7*7 program. The interviews with the new applicants have started. More info at to see why to join us or contact us for an opportunity to meet and talk via email

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Ep #40 Dy Gabimet për (mos) Arritjen e 7-fishimit të të Ardhurave tuaja

Kur nuk eshte qëllim në vetevete fitimi i parasë, ju lutem dëgjoni: Pikat kryesore: Pse shumë nga planifikimet e fillim vitit dështojnë me sukses :-(? Si të vendosim të “hamë një elefant” në vit? Cfarë bën diferencen midis atyre që duan të 7-fishojnë të ardhuart e tyre dhe atyre që e përdorin këtë objektiv si justifikim për dështimin e tyre? Dështimet si leve drejt realizimit të objektivit të 7-fishimit të të ardhurave. Me shumë në: Services

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Ep #39 Five Scariest Reasons Why People Work in the Black Market in Albania

With the prestigious journalist, Dafina Hysa we discuss the latest findings of the World Bank, during March. It says among others that ‘Albania has transformed from one of the poorest countries in Europe to an upper-middle-income country. The country is implementing important reforms to revitalize growth and job creation while advancing the European Union integration agenda’.( Five of the reasons why people in Albania chose to work in the informal work market as issues in our interview are: • the fact that more than 10.000 new entries in the informal market in the last year; • the trend of lowered

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Ep #38 Test Komunikimi – Talent apo Punë?

What distinguishes a talent that shines at his work from another talent who is asked to leave from the same job? When the binomial talent + work is it not enough for someone to succeed? COMMUNICATION = a series of skills that are crucial. I hope you like it, Your ideas are welcome Çfarë dallon një të talentuar që shkëlqen me një të talentuar tjetër që duan t’a heqin qafe nga e njëjta punë? Kur nuk është i mjaftueshëm binomi talent + punë që të ketë sukses dikush? KOMUNIKIMI = një sërë aftësish që janë vendimtare. Shpresoj t’a pelqeni, Idete

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A Jeni Gati për të Filluar?

Kaloni Këtë Pyetësor të Shpejtë për të Parë se Cili nga Programet Tona Eshtë i Duhuri për Ju

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