Ep #37 For the Aspirants of Human Resources: Do You Know Your Path to Success?

Me fokus te Aspirantet e Burimeve Njerezore ne Shqiperi e Kosove Shumë biseda, shumë diskutime si te organizohet me mire fuqia punetore me qellimin e perdorimit te potencialit sa me mire qofte per punedhenesit po edhe per punemarresit, punonjesit. Dhe shoh qe shume pak persona, mendojne, artikulojne cfare duan te arrijne ne fushen e tyre te profesionalizmit dhe perfundimisht te bëjnë atë që duhet. Znj. Doriana Mustafa vjen me dy ndryshime të mëdha në rrugën e saj ku ajo thotë sot: Jam e kënaqur me punën time dhe jetën time. Uroj dikush t’a shohë ndihmëse bisedën. Focusing on Human Resources

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Ep #36 Më Mirë i Papunë deri në Punën që Dua?

After a long, difficult and often costly education for you and your family, is it better to wait till you find the decent job, the right one for you? Is it fair to work somewhere at an entry level in the labor market when your preparation is obviously for a higher level? What can be called a decent job for you? In this interview, I am sharing some thoughts. Your ideas are welcome, thank you Pas një edukimi të gjatë, të vështirë dhe shpesh të kushtueshëm për ju dhe familjen tuaj, a është më mirë të prisni derisa të gjeni

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Ep #35 Kur Kriza Politike te Prek te Puna Jote?

Albania seems to be a difficult place to be when it comes to the challenges one faces in the work market. One of them, too often occurring for our own good, the political crises, the continuous unpleasant struggle that the main political parties make as their favorite sport, is magnified in their effect on us by their media. I don’t know if this is only happening in Albania, and to find out some reasons through an interview with a journalist, I bring here this talk. Main points cover: Does the political crisis affect our day-to-day employment market? If so, how

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Ep #34 Why leave the USA for Albania? (part two)

Friends after the first episode with Mrs. Gurja, I had a lot of messages, some full of approval,  some with questions and some contradicting. Just making it obvious, we are dealing in these two episodes with that group of graduates that have studied abroad and want and aspire to come back to work in Albania. Mrs Gurja is one that has successfully made it, the studying and working in the UDA and the coming back and making it happen in the Albanian work market, so I believe that is where the interested can find a bit of good advice and

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Ep #33 Why leave the USA for Albania? (part 1)

With Mrs.Eneida Gurja discussing her experience in the work market (part one) We go over these points: -studying in Albania or in the USA? What should be kept in mind if one can, financially afford to go and study abroad? – working abroad and what should one keep in mind (as per her experience) to be looking for? – ways of entering the work market in Albania after a period of 6 years being overseas? In the upcoming part two, we deal with how to be successful in a market like Abania, Me zonjën Eneida Gurja duke diskutuar përvojën e

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Ep #32 Video on 4 Lies regarding Work/ 4 Gënjeshtra për Punën

Okay, my friends, today I will talk about some untruths, or better, lies about the work, and see how when we treat them as true, we damage our careers and the quality of life. I will relate to my work experience, and to the lies that may be related to the profession of a coach and refer to examples from the work with our clients. In a company like ours,(EMI – Coaching and Consulting) where ‘coaching’ and ‘consulting’, or training and consulting are selected and used as ‘tools to help individuals and teams excel in their professional potential by bringing

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Ep #31 How to Enter the Work Market in FinTech (IT+Finance)?

In a meeting with the Albanian Consultants, I had a chat with Linda Shomo, whom I knew by far that was the founder and CEO of Easypay in Albania. What struck me most in this casual chat, with many other voices overpowering her quiet voice, was her ideas about the work market here in Albania. More concretely, she was speaking about the “unwelcome” that was given to a colleague. As soon as he had finished his presentation on coming back from the USA with the aim of “working in Albania”, someone from the group spoke his mind out loudly by

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Ep #30 A Meeting with a Podcast Listener

Some questions by Vjollca, one listener: In order to become successful in the work market, should our children pass through hardships? In this world of abundance, how do the young people find the motivation to get out of the comfort zone we prepare for them? What is missing from us as a family that our children lose the possibilities to enter successfully into the labor market? How can we lead them properly towards to work market? The young men and women in the December protests made us aware of the special difficulties this generation faces. Further, I share two findings

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Ep #29 Video on ACT-ing 2019!

It is my pleasure today to talk to you about this third part of the planning for 2019. As a person, I like to make plans, and for many years, at the end of December I fast and pray for the plans I put on paper, I like to know beforehand what I’m doing and where I go, why I go out of my house and often work long hours, or why I often travel and get tired, and can mix my train schedules from fatigue. But the planning has served me a lot in my work and in my

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Ep #28: 5 Steps to Plan a Fabulous 2019!

ACT-ing to get a great 2019, the best year ever, here are five steps to plan a fabulous year: a- Put your priorities in categories, b- Set a specific goal for them, c- Appoint a person jointly responsible for each goal, d- Set one or two new skills you will learn to achieve the goals of the categories, e- Calendar them and take action! ACT-ing për të pasur një të 2019 të shkëlqyer, vitin më të mirë ndonjëherë: a- Vendosni prioritetet tuaja si kategori, b- Vendosni një synim specifik për cdo kategori, c- Caktoni një person të përbashkët përgjegjës për

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A Jeni Gati për të Filluar?

Kaloni Këtë Pyetësor të Shpejtë për të Parë se Cili nga Programet Tona Eshtë i Duhuri për Ju

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