Podcast Episodi #17 Me Stelen, Miqesisht, Elida

I met Stela in 2013, she was graduating from a MBA in one of the well- known universities in the country. after an environmental engineering bachelor. We met in the church and she approached me with the need to “know better how to go for a career”. Little did we know, she and I, that from uncovering her talents, her career would take a way that would surprise us all. Surprising not only for immediate” jump in career height”, but also for the particular field she was entering, the fashion field! She chose three areas as the “lanes of her

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Podcast Episodi #16 Me Andin, Miqesisht, Elida

I spotted Andi Selaj, in the fall of 2011 in the New York University when I taught a class on entrepreneurship. He was very well articulated on his desire to become a businessman, “soon, very soon” as per his words :-). And here we are, today, seven years later, he is only 29, is CEO at Skincode Albania, Cosmetics, Skincare and he lives his dream in Albania, which is one of the main reasons why I find what he shares in this episode, very interesting. This is a string of interviews with young people building their career in Albania, as

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Podcast Episodi #15 Me Eligerten, Miqesisht, Elida

EMI – Coaching and Consulting is a company dedicated to providing ambitious people with educational and practical mechanisms and instruments to be fruitful in the work market. Our tool is PTTP (Programi i Trajnimit per Tregun e Punes) Here is another successful client of ours, Ms. Eligerta Dyrmishi that shares her story from firstly taking our program to the position she is now, as an HR manager of an over 100 employees and running a department of HR of four other colleagues. Her insights on the Albanian marketplace and her lessons learned, often the hard way, are worth listening to.

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Podcast Episodi #14 Me Anxhelen Miqesisht, Elida

In this interview with a dear friend and successful client, Ms. Anxhela Vrioni, you can find: (a) some sentences with Anxhela’s introduction (schooling, work experience, training with our program PTTP (b) her business now and how she knows this is what she knows she will do in life (c) the steps that took her where she is now (d) some of the daily routines that make her productive and effective (e) what is the best source for her inspiration at work (f) what was the best advice she’s got lately (g) why did she decide to stay in Albania? The

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Podcast Episodi #13 Frikë nga Vetë Punësimi? / Fear from Self-employment? Miqesisht, Elida

Yes, in the questionnaire in Episode 12 the figures speak themselves: the youth fear self-employment! Without generalizing it, I share (1) some of the reasons that our young clients articulate as bases of this fear (2) some strategies /skills to get in order to overcome these fears -success guaranteed as per our experience with our program (3) one A.C.T exercise as a tool to get you ready to start seriously giving a try to your idea of entrepreneurship More on our individual training program at Po, në pyetësorin në Episodin 12 figurat flasin vetë: të rinjtë kanë frikë nga

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Podcast Episodi #12 Vetë Punësimi / Self-employment Miqesisht, Elida

Is self-employment liked by Albanians? In the podcast you find the answers to the questionnaire I did via Facebook, exactly to these questions: 1. Why would you work for the state? 23 % say they would work for the security of this job 0% say that working for the state means anything to them (so much for being a civil servant:-)) 23% of the respondents do not know if they want to work for the state or not. 56% of them all write comments about this questions and they seem to highlight a lack of respect for the people that

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Quiz 18-9 Pune ne shtet apo pune per vete?

Pyetesor, ku jam me mire, ne shtet apo ne punen time? Eshte shume interesante sa mendime ndahen privatisht, ne inbox, ose ne kafene (dhe me mungese kurajoje per ndarje publike, te pakten ne keto forume qe jane qartesisht profesioniste dhe aspak politike) kur pesha e vendimeve te dikujt (qeveria ne kete rast) ndikon drejtperdrejt jetet tona! Create your own user feedback survey Bazuar pas nje diskutimi ne facebook, pas podcast 11, ku kish shume mendime te ndryshme per qendrimin ndaj punes ne shtet apo punes private, ja ky pyetsor me tri pyetje te thjeshta. Si nje metode me e sakte,

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Podcast Episode #11 Më mirë punë në shtet? Miqesisht, Elida

Friends, you can find this podcast on iTunes and download the episodes you want by simply: 1. go to Itunes 2. search for Podcast Miqesisht Elida 3. subscribe 4. download By downloading any episode on your mobile you have the possibility to listen to them when you are walking or driving, etc. I would appreciate it a lot if you leave your comments or reviews there. In this episode, I’m bringing an interview with journalist Dafina Hysa in the Scan TV, with me on the employment of young people in Albania, based on the latest data from INSTAT. We touch

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Podcast Episode #10 Lead like Mandela! Miqesisht, Elida

Lead like Mandela! Episode 10, In the interview with Åsa Jarskog, we discuss how to best lead our life, business and/or institutions. She brings her experience of working with Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan, Klaus Shwab and her extensive leadership experience in 50 countries on five continents for over 25 years. I have been blessed to learn from her in the past 3 years, exactly on how to best lead and take my business in higher levels, and so are many others friends in Albania too. I highly recommend her as a trainer, coach, and mentor, It is almost

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Podcast Episodi #9 Si të *mos* bësh klientë? Miqesisht, Elida

I talk about a real-life story from the marketplace when the clients are abundant but the business falls short. With the eyes of a client perceiving the (missing) customer service and the experience from the work with our clients, I go into another A.C.T-ing process with some how to’s to help small business owners and their staff prepare not only to have a blast high season but success during all the year. The key is the leaders’ training! There are two skill sets that an owner of a small business should have, the set of the specific business expertise  of

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