Podcast Episode #24 Protesta si komunikim i munguar? Miqesisht, Elida

EMI – Coaching and Consulting is a company dedicated to providing ambitious people with educational and practical mechanisms and instruments to be fruitful in the work market. One of our tools is A.C.T that stands for Articulate, Communicate and Take Action. Taking a lesson from the ongoing protests of the students all over Albania, I discuss the question: What happens when COMMUNICATION is missing? In the analogy with the protests, (where their requests are clearly ARTICULATED, and the students have TAKEN to the streets), the missing link of the COMMUNICATION in the workplace, actually brings “protests” that clearly translate into

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Podcast Episode #23 Interview in Bratislava? Miqesisht, Elida

It is a warm discussion actually between two friends, she is a Slovak academic that happens to be one of the best bankers! A lot of lessons to learn from her on how to become a top-notch professional and raise a great family, in the time of the transition from a post-communist country to what Slovakia is today in EU. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while interviewing her! Kjo është një bisede e ngrohtë në të vërtetë midis dy mikeshash, ajo është një akademike sllovake që ndodh të jetë një nga bankieret më të mira!

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Podcast Episode #22 R U Smart with your people? Miqesisht, Elida

For the podcast in iTunes   Whoever is in business has a need to always better manage their people. Not everyone has the financial means to pay one human resources individual. We try to fill this need. Which tasks are becoming a burden to you? If you have someone that actually does this function among other tasks (normally the general secretary, the administration manager, etc.) we coach this person to better perform the HR function at the present workload, and prepare her/him for the future upcoming other aspects of getting the best out of the human asset in business. If

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Podcast Episode #21 Coaching in Albania? Miqesisht, Elida

Part two of a talk/interview on how a coach works in Albania with the businesses Give it a listen! Visit us at to see what we offer. Pjesa e dytë e një bisede / interviste për mënyrën se si një trajner punon në Shqipëri me bizneset Degjim te kendshem! Na vizitoni te per t’u njohur me cfare ne ofrojme

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Podcast Episode #20 Trajner apo Coach? Miqesisht, Elida

A trainer or a coach? Should a businessman in Albania seek for a business consultant? Why is it important? What must we be looking for in a good coach? Give a listen to this interview of 2016 in one of the national TV, your ideas welcome 🙂   Një trajner apo Coach/stërvitës? A duhet një biznesmen në Shqipëri të kërkojë një konsulent biznesi? Pse është e rëndësishme? Çfarë duhet të kërkojmë në një Coach/stervites të mirë? Mund te degjoni kete interviste te 2016 ne nje TV kombetar, idete tuaja mese te mirepritura!      

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Podcast Episode #19 Unchain my feet! Miqesisht, Elida

I share in this episode my opinion from the work with my clients, on some ideas on a self-destructing and self-distracting phenomenon, what I can “roping your feet”. By listening  to it, you can find: First, what forms of “self-chaining” our feet apply? Is it something that is imposed on us or we do or ourselves? Two most obvious forms of self-obstruction as a result of tying our feet How to understand that you are doing this to yourself? How to break this disadvantageous spiral of hindering your progress and implement what you have decided to do with your life

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Podcast Episodi #18 Stress – Made in Albania! Miqesisht, Elida

I share with you the case of a lady just joining our program and focusing on her main need: to de-stress in the work market. Is our stress, a self-made one? Is our stress unique as connected to the country, the Balkans (?), the Mediterranean(?), to ourselves (?), that we say often this is again our label, made in Albania stress! Stress as an ever found phenomenon in our work market tends to mark someone as a success or as a failure at what she/he does. Being overly stressed or being mentally overwhelmed is what the majority of our clients complain

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Podcast Episodi #17 Me Stelen, Miqesisht, Elida

I met Stela in 2013, she was graduating from a MBA in one of the well- known universities in the country. after an environmental engineering bachelor. We met in the church and she approached me with the need to “know better how to go for a career”. Little did we know, she and I, that from uncovering her talents, her career would take a way that would surprise us all. Surprising not only for immediate” jump in career height”, but also for the particular field she was entering, the fashion field! She chose three areas as the “lanes of her

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Podcast Episodi #16 Me Andin, Miqesisht, Elida

I spotted Andi Selaj, in the fall of 2011 in the New York University when I taught a class on entrepreneurship. He was very well articulated on his desire to become a businessman, “soon, very soon” as per his words :-). And here we are, today, seven years later, he is only 29, is CEO at Skincode Albania, Cosmetics, Skincare and he lives his dream in Albania, which is one of the main reasons why I find what he shares in this episode, very interesting. This is a string of interviews with young people building their career in Albania, as

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Podcast Episodi #15 Me Eligerten, Miqesisht, Elida

EMI – Coaching and Consulting is a company dedicated to providing ambitious people with educational and practical mechanisms and instruments to be fruitful in the work market. Our tool is PTTP (Programi i Trajnimit per Tregun e Punes) Here is another successful client of ours, Ms. Eligerta Dyrmishi that shares her story from firstly taking our program to the position she is now, as an HR manager of an over 100 employees and running a department of HR of four other colleagues. Her insights on the Albanian marketplace and her lessons learned, often the hard way, are worth listening to.

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