Our 3 leading Programs


Coaching MÉliden- CEO's executive coaching Program -
(For anyone who wants to work smarter, not more)
1-On-1 Coaching And Consulting-

Dossier MÉliden
36 months with a business (onsite and online) coaching and consulting sessions. Six hours in two weeks, we evaluate the owner, CEO, administrator, upbringing their values, vision so that we build the provision through the maximizing of the productivity of their senior and middle management staff by honing their skills and interests, and aligning values. At the end, the company gets a grand operational system in place that wraps around the actual business, highlightening the human asset. #drasa

  • Every two weeks, one hour-sessions of coaching One to One, group, live or via zoom as jointly decided, max six hours
  • every four weeks productivity check ups to record and report progress and course alignment
  • We evaluate  and build on the existient culture highlightening meritocracy by developing skills, interests, and values 
  • You develop your company Vision Board and Provision system Meliden and we help you implement it in practice via you ACTS-ing
  • The program is customized for group work for senior staff teams adjusting after an on site check with time duration and/or specific executive choaching needs 

Coaching from the Couch -CfC
( for anyone that wants to become a coach, as a second profession)

13 months months of serious and intense group training and education, held every second Tuesday, once a month, four consequtive afternoon hours. Weekly scheduled, recorded coaching sessions. Start your practice by finding and tuning your niche and as life-time member of the EMI-CC Club, expand your network with professional, successful, likeminded peers and/or clients.

  • 13 months, each month: 1 “Successful Tuesday- Seminar“; with the elite theory on coaching,  teaching,  and… bonding over our extraordinaire “green”. Group session, peer encouragement, individual planning of coaching business/practice
  • Continuous weekly online coaching sessions with real clients till the upcoming “Successful Tuesday ” of next month based on the materials from the lectures & seminar
  • Frequent open-air group activities led by the “EMI-CC Gold Certificates “
  • End of three first months: Clear open objectives of how to become a Coach
  • For the three upcoming trimesters, continuous one to one consultation to ensure fruitful execution of the becoming a coach operation plan 
  • Certification yearly activity earning the life-long participation in the EMI-CC base Club

12 Month Human Resources Mastery of leading through people
(for all that Manage people or aspire to)

Held one Thursday each month for 12 months. We cover (1) Recruitment, (2) Performance Evaluation, (3) Employee Motivation, (4) Compensation (5) HR Strategy (6) Workforce Reduction, (7) Strategic Workforce Planning, (8) Onboarding, (9) Coaching your people, (10) Setting the objectives throughout the company, (11) The development of your CEO, (12) Self-development as a lifestyle in the company

  • Twelve months, in each month one Thursday- seminar;  lasts 3 hours group session, 1-hour individual coaching session
  • Each month on one dedicated subject: (1) Recruitment, (2) Performance Evaluation, (3) Employee motivation, (4) Compensation, (5) HR Strategy, (6) Work Force Reduction, (7) Strategic Workforce Planning,(8) Onboarding, (9) Coaching your people, (10) Setting the objectives throughout the company, (11) The development of your CEO, (12) Self-development as a lifestyle in the company 
  • Targeted the implementation of the past topic towards the upcoming subject
  • Continuous online coaching supporting the life practice of the materials from the lectures & seminars
  • Group activities once every three months in open air activities Kapela Events
  • End of month 12 / once a year: potential participation in the annual certification activity, based on results


Bi-Monthly Webinars-April 19
How to become a better leader in my career: Coaching is a way!

The new century did put a big question mark on the way we lead ourself and others in the work market. Is the schooling system preparing us with the right knowledge and skills? How much are we adjusting our career to the post covid situation in the world?

The question is, if we have not done so yet, how can we change it? How can we manage to be that “Elite” in the workplace and the context in which we live? Would you really like to come to understand this success formula of becoming a coach? That instead of being a simple worker in the labor market, just MANAGING TO GET BY (working your head off in one and single lane of your profession), you learn by doing, to clearly hone you VALUE PREPOSITION  (making full use of your two other ‘lanes’) and be able to make concrete and tangible results? 

If the answer is yes, even if one of these questions is something you can do right now to get one step closer to the vision of what you want for yourself. Elida Motro, CEO of EMI-CC Coaching and Consulting is organizing a webinar on the topic: How to be e better leader of MY career by becoming a COACH?
The purpose of this event is for Coach Elida to share with each of us the formula for success to be truly part of the elite of professionals, in every context where we are.

It will cover in a two hour webinar 

✓ A formula for success (from working with dozens of elite leaders )

✓ The habits we need to create to achieve it

✓ Thoughts and beliefs that make us give up

✓ How to use the new program we have started: Coaching From the Couch (CfC) to get where we want

 What you can do now to not miss the opportunity to participate in our group work, please join us

Career 0.1 - University Choice

Congratulations on your choice of high school and career path through the Labor Market Training Program (PTTP)!

This program remains our golden page that has already helped hundreds of individuals who today are in the honored club of EMI-CC as successful professionals in Albania and in the world. Here take the steps towards developing your Career Plan and concretely preparing for the job market with the first step: choosing the branch of study at the University. In fact, this program will help you to explore more and better your professional vocation, developing your ability for well-educated choices for your professional journey for the next 10 years:

After receiving the program you will have made the right choice according to this way:

S1-Make an Inventory of your skills, interests and values

S2-Based on skills discover the specific options of your career

S3-Market and your career options = Your professional three-lane ost Highway 🙂

S4-Exit to what are your possibilities between the Virtual “Window” to the Labor Market between the education you will choose

S5-Choosing through research and choosing the branch and school that gives you the best education (Interviewers and successful interviewees)

S6-Start living professional development as a way of life and fun also by implementing step by step your big Career Plan (highway construction) and connection with mentors from the EMI-CC Club, already realized in the education that will choose.

S7-Always find the “leading star of the north” for you, as a self-coach training periodically great career planning

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