Our 3 Programs

executive coaching Program - PTTP
(For anyone who wants to work smarter not more)
1-On-1 Coaching And Consulting

9 weeks (online or in-person) coaching and consulting sessions. One per week for 90 mins. We evaluate your skills, interests, and values. At the end, you get a Career Master Plan , "your Highway Career plan".

  • 9 weeks with one 90-minute session of coaching One to One, live or via zoom as jointly decided
  • +3 weeks with one, 90-minute sessions of consulting One to One
  • We evaluate your skills, interests, and values 
  • You develop your Career Master Plan (Career Highway Plan) and we help you implement it in practice via you A.C.T-ing
  • The program is customized for group work for senior staff teams adjusting after an on site check with time duration and/or specific executive choaching needs 

Vepro-ACTS 7:7
(For professionals that want to develop their freelancing, start-up and business)
Seven Month Group Career Development

Vepro-ACTS 7:7
Seven months of serious group training and education, held every fourth Saturday, once a month. Five months of post-program consulting as part of the EMI-CC Base Club. Expand your network with professional, successful, likeminded peers.

  • Seven months, each month: 1 “Successful Saturday- Seminar”; with walking, teaching, coaching, and… bonding over sports and art. Group session, peer encouragement, individual planning of business/career
  • Continuous online coaching to ensure fruitful practical implementation of Plan till the upcoming “Successful Saturday ” of next month based on the materials from the lectures & seminar
  • Frequent open-air group activities led by the “EMI-CC Gold Certificates “
  • End of month seven: certification activity
  • For the five upcoming months, continuous monthly consultation to ensure fruitful execution of the ACTs operation plan via participation in the EMI-CC base Club

Seven Month Human Resources Mastery of leading through people
(for all that lead people)

Held one Thursday each month for seven months. We cover (1) Recruitment, (2) Performance Evaluation, (3) Employee Motivation, (4) Compensation (5) HR Strategy (6) Workforce Reduction, (7) Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Seven months, in each month one Thursday- seminar; the last month Thursday; lasts 3 hours group session, 1-hour individual coaching session
  • Each month on one dedicated subject: (1) Recruitment, (2) Performance Evaluation, (3) Employee motivation, (4) Compensation, (5) HR Strategy, (6) Work Force Reduction, (7) Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Each end of seminar, the material of the seminar foregoes the implementation of the past topic towards the upcoming subject
  • Continuous online coaching supporting the life practice of the materials from the lectures & seminars
  • Group activities once every three months in open air activities led by those who are “EMI-CC Gold Certificates”
  • End of month seven / once a year: potential participation in the annual certification activity
  • For the five upcoming months, continuous monthly consultation to ensure fruitful execution of the ILoveHR operation plan via participation in EMI-CC base Club
  • Free continuous, for three years long, participation in online webinars related to HR themes 

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