Ep #101 Diary, week 13: AntiCoronaTimes 11 June 2020, me Mark Crawford

With someone from our "national wealth."
Why do I call them that?
Because they build and successfully run bold ventures in our ecosystem, where sometimes it is played with rules and sometimes not.
Because they have chosen to establish these enterprises, small, medium or large, in Albania, creating jobs for Albanians who live in Albania.
Because they constantly build and develop staff and individuals who are successful for their enterprises, they are also building leaders of our future, giving them the message that: We make Albania all together, working and persevering to be successful each in the field of their own expertise.
Because they prove that YES, you can be successful in Albania! When in all likelihood, the whole non-productive and negative mentality tries to prove the opposite.
That's why I call them assets, because by working wisely they produce value for themselves, their families, their staff and our entire community. 
Respect for them and possibly, keep them in your prayers, these are difficult times for them and our entire economy. 
In my modest effort to bring them to your attention, I introduce you in this episode to one of them mark Crawford, founder and director of a series of businesses, among them:. 
The interview was conducted in a live facebook format and it was a beautiful experience also due to direct questions and answers.
I wish you will enjoy it and learn as much as I did in almost one hour and a half of this interview.

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