Ep #105 Diary of AntiCoronaTimes, week 17: 11 July 2020, with Sevim Arbana

With someone from our “national property”, a lady this time, from the civil society.

Again, why do I call these heads of sectors in Albania ‘national property’?

Because they build and successfully run bold ventures in our ecosystem, where sometimes it is played by the rules and sometimes not.

Because they have chosen to establish these enterprises, small, medium, or large, in Albania, creating jobs for Albanians who live in Albania.

Because they constantly build and develop staff and individuals who are successful for their enterprises, they are also building the leaders of our future, giving them the message that: We make Albania all together, working and persevering to be successful each in the field. own.

Because they prove that YES, you can be successful in Albania! When in all likelihood, the whole non-productive and negative mentality tries to prove the opposite.

Sevim comes from the Albanian fragile civil society, and she, like all the others has chosen to fight her fight here in Albania. The newest project starting in two months is the Women’s Academy. We talk about that and how one can become involved in so doing, giving a hand in the strengthening of the civil society in Albania.

Hope you enjoy our talk. If so, let us know your thoughts,



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