Ep 206 Suksesi i Eglentit dhe Liria e Pare

Ne fillim shkurti 2023, Eglent Bici zhvilloi nje trajnim ne nje format shume vete-zhvillues dhe energjizues (nese eshte si fjale, po nese nuk egziston, ajo dite e krijon nje fjale te tille!)

Ne podcast flas per disa biseda me disa miq tanet, te perbashket, ku emeruesi kryesor ishte: “Habitem, si ka mundesi qe ti aty?”. Duke pare sa me e habitur isha une nga keto pyetje, fillova te shoh nje mendesi te kaluar tashme. Mendesia qe kushdo qe ka sukses, “me ka hyre ne hak mua, ka hyre ne nje zone qe ka vetem konkurrence!”

Shpjegoj qe sipas mendimit tim, mendimet qe sjellin qendrime te tilla, vijne nga niveli i ulet i vete-njohjes dhe rrjedhimisht i vete-vleresimit. Pastaj jap nje pjese nga nje kapitull i librit “planifiko m’eliden” sa i takon tri lirive tona, dhe specifikisht ketu, lirise se pare, asaj te pranojme veten sic jemi. Me vlerat, aftesite dhe interesat tona.

Degjoni deri ne fund, ose shiheni ne youtube, se jane dy njoftime qe ndofta ju vlejne,



At the beginning of February 2023, Eglent Bici conducted a great training event in a very self-developing and energizing format. 
In the podcast, I talk about conversations with some of our mutual friends, where the main theme was: "I wonder, how is it possible that you, Elida took part in the training?" 
Seeing how surprised I was by these questions, I sat to think about why this happened. And I began to see this predominant, from the past mindset, mainly in business or academia, that anyone who becomes successful "got it from me, entered an area where there is only competition"!
In my opinion, the thoughts that lead to such attitudes come from a low level of self-knowing and, therefore, low self-esteem. I give a part from a chapter of the book, "Plan with Elida," regarding why this happens, explaining one of the three freedoms, the freedom to accept ourselves, totally. With our values, skills, and interests.  
Listen to the end, or watch it on YouTube because two announcements might be of value to you. 

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