Ep #43 Kur rroga nuk del – pjesa 1

Nje pyetesor qe kemi shperndare mbi temen ” Me mire te kesh shtepi me qera apo me kredi”?
Mbi 100 pergjigje. Shume interesante.
Qellimi pse e beme kete pyetesor eshte sepse shume shpesh ne tregun e punes, ndodh shpesh qe dikush, nje i ri, rreth 20-37-8 vjetesh, edhe pasi i eshte ofruar nje vend pune, e rrezon oferten sepse “nuk i del te paguaje as qerane”. Dhe kur perfshihesh ne bisede me dike qe sapo ka thene kete pergjigje, ti kupton qe ka nje mungese te madhe dijesh jetesore sesi te perballesh me financat e (munguara ose jo) te tuat.
Donim te dinim deri ku ishte e vertete kjo ndjesi per kete mjegullnaje njohurie.
Mund te ndiqni pjesen e pare.
Me shume ne www.emi-cc.com/services
A questionnaire that we have distributed on the topic “Better to rent or take a mortgage”?
Over 100 responses. Very interesting.
The purpose of doing this questionnaire is because often in the labor market, there is often someone, a young person, about 20-37-8 years, even after being offered a job, rejects the offer because “he can not even pay the rent with the salary”. And when you are involved in a conversation with someone who has just said this, you realize that there is a great lack of vital knowledge of how to deal with your (missing or not) finances.
We wanted to know where this sensation really was for this nebulae of knowledge.
Please, follow the first part.

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