Ep #48 Katër pyetjet më kot për shefin/shefen?

Me shume kenaqesi po ndajme mendimet qe dolen nga nje panel specialistesh te ndryshem te ndare ne dy kampe, punedhenes dhe punemarres.
Duke e ndjekur podcastin mund te merrni disa pyetje qe ngelen gjithmone pa pergjigje ndaj i quajme rendom: pyetje koti:
Cilat jane pritshemrite nga nje pune?
A zgjidhet nje pune apo lihet apo braktiset puna per shkak te shefit/shefes?
A mund te pretendohet qe edhe ne tregun shqiptar mund te vendosesh ne nje vend pune pa asnje nderhyrje apo mik?
A eshte me e rendesishme kur puneson dike, te jete me pervoje apo pa pervoje?
Sa e rendesishme eshte te kesh integritet ne favor te pelqimit ose jo te shefit/shefes?
Keto dhe shume te tjera mund t’i gjeni ne kete podcast,
Degjim te kendshem!

We are delighted to share the thoughts that came from a panel of specialists divided into two camps, employers and employees.
By following the podcast you will come along some questions that always remain unanswered even after long discussions that is why we call them in the title “lame issues”:
What are your expectations for a job?
Is a job taken or is it left or abandoned due to the boss?
Can you claim that in the Albanian market you can be placed in a job without any interference or friend?
Is it more important to work with a person, to be experienced or less experienced?
How important is it to have integrity in favor of or not to the boss’ liking?
These and many more can be found in this podcast,
Good Listening!

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