EP #53 Three From Our Best Clients

Ep #53 Miq kliente ne interviste:
Nje CEO i nje korporate,
Nje CEO i nje biznesi familjar prej 25 vitesh,
Nje CEO e nje shoqate jo fitim prurese,
Nje gazetar i shkelqyer,
Ide e mendime, tuajat te mirepritura.
Me shume per punen me miqte-kliente te http://emi-cc.com/services/
Ep # 53 Friends- Clients in Interviews:
A CEO of a corporation,
A CEO of a 25-year-old family business,
A CEO of a non-profit association,
An excellent journalist,
Ideas and thoughts, yours welcome.
More about working with client-customers at http://emi-cc.com/services/

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