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Lead like Mandela!
Episode 10,
In the interview with Åsa Jarskog, we discuss how to best lead our life, business and/or institutions. She brings her experience of working with Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Kofi Annan, Klaus Shwab and her extensive leadership experience in 50 countries on five continents for over 25 years.
I have been blessed to learn from her in the past 3 years, exactly on how to best lead and take my business in higher levels, and so are many others friends in Albania too. I highly recommend her as a trainer, coach, and mentor,
It is almost an axiom that the role of the leader in a business or an institution is of a paramount importance as a factor for their success or their failure. But is there a direct connection between this leader and his/her set of values and the productivity, efficiency and the overall success of the business? Does it matter what he/she believes and practices and if he/she “walks the talk”? Does the level of trust involved in the business transactions have a cost? How to create and sustain positive, innovative and efficient businesses by investing in the people?
Asa Jaskog, the CEO of Global Leadership for Sustainable Development and President of the Swedish Southern African Chamber of Commerce in this interview discusses these issues and shares with us her personal experience from working with Nelson Mandela (as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999), Dalai Lama ( Mongolian for “Ocean of Wisdom”, born Lhama Dhondrub, recognized as the 14th Dalai Lama in 1939); Kofi Annan (Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1997 through 2006) and Klaus Schwab (best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum) and is about to share them with you.
Here’s a look at what you’ll learn from Asa in this episode:
• How Nelson Mandela practiced the very important “gratitude-based” principle in Davos avoiding the “camera lights”
• The one thing that great Kofi Annan did that resonates with value-based leadership and de-hierarchizing the structures
• Why leading with a value-based approach is a factor that the leaders should consider if they can be more innovative and successful in the companies or institutions they lead.
• How learning how the Demystifying of Strategy and Leadership makes these leaders more authentic, efficient and agents of positive change.
• What Asa has discovered as common lessons taken from her time of working with Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Koffi Annan, and Klaus Schwab especially about power and success
• How to really get the inner compass in order to achieve your dreams and have the maximum impact where you live and work

Asa will be in Tirana and on 21 September will run a seminar in Tirana where she will deal more at length with the questions raised above. You can reach her at asa@jarskog.se and see below the Albanian for the extended agenda of the training.

Ja një vështrim në atë që do të mësoni nga Asa në këtë episod:
• Si e praktikonte Nelson Mandela parimin shumë të rëndësishëm “në bazë të mirënjohjes” në Davos duke shmangur “dritat e kameras”
• E vetmja gjë që Kofi Anan i madh bëri që rezonon me udhëheqjen e bazuar në vlera dhe de-hierarkizimin e strukturave
• Pse udhëheqja me një qasje të bazuar në vlera është një faktor që udhëheqësit duhet të marrin në konsideratë nëse ato mund të jenë më inovative dhe të suksesshme në kompanitë ose institucionet që ato udhëheqin.
• Si të mësojmë se si Demistifikimi i Strategjisë dhe Lidershipit i bën këta liderë më autentikë, efikasë dhe agjentë të ndryshimeve pozitive.
• Çfarë Asa e ka zbuluar si mësime të zakonshme të marra nga koha e saj për të punuar me Nelson Mandelën, Dalai Lama, Koffi Anan dhe Klaus Schwab veçanërisht në lidhje me pushtetin dhe suksesin
• Si të merrni drejtpërsëdrejti busullën e brendshme për të arritur ëndrrat tuaja dhe të keni maksimumin e ndikimit ku jetoni dhe punoni

Asa do të jetë në Tiranë dhe më 21 shtator do të zhvillojë një seminar në Tiranë ku do të merret më shumë me pyetjet e ngritura më lart. Mund ta arrini në asa@jarskog.se

For the ones thinking to attend Asa’s seminar, see the info and agenda below:
Demystifying Strategy and Leadership
Every organization wants to maximize its impact but has limited resources.
How do we make the best choices and priorities in order to focus on doing the right things to reach our vision?
And what kind of leadership is required to encourage innovation and maximum impact?
Join the workshop on 21 September and let Åsa Jarskog help you demystify Strategy and Leadership
Åsa Jarskog has an MBA from Lund University and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris and more than 25 years working experience in Business and Leadership Development. A skilled trainer and certified coach and a much-demanded mentor, working with prominent leaders throughout the world, Åsa is CEO of Global Leadership for Sustainable Development and President of the Swedish Southern African Chamber of Commerce.
Åsa has worked with prominent leaders such as


Lama, Koffi Annan, Klaus Schwab, and Nelson Mandela. She has already trained many successful leaders in Albania, including Alban Zusi
During the workshop, Åsa will help you demystify Strategy and Leadership
She will cover three of the most important aspect for leaders to consider if they want to develop happy, innovative people and organizations:
• Values-based leadership
• Speed of Trust
• Using your sub-conscious wisdom to reach your goals
At the end of the day, you will not only have the tool to effectively lead your organizations towards its most important goals, but also the wisdom and energy to make it happen!


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